European Migration Network Annual Conference - "Digital transformation in migration"

 30 April 2021
The European Migration Network (EMN), established by Council Decision 2008/31 / EC, has as its main objective the collection, analysis and provision of objective, reliable and comparable information in the field of immigration and asylum, with a view to support European immigration and asylum policies.

The EU's digital sovereignty is a cross-cutting issue to the Program of the trio of Presidencies, which has an impact at the most different levels. The focus of this Conference will be on digitization in the field of borders and new inherent technologies relevant to migration issues, through multiple applications in documental, biometric and police cooperation matters.
Lisboa - SEF
Video conference

​09.30-16.00 GMT

Welcome and Opening speeches by the Portuguese Minister for Home Affairs, European Commission, IOM and OECD.

Panel discussion 1: Opportunities for digital technologies to improve migration management | this session will explore the digitisation of migration management processes and the potential for creating interoperable data systems at national and EU level that can feed into management processes.

Panel discussion 2: Use of AI in migration management | this session will explore the potential of AI to provide innovative solutions to migration management processes.

Panel discussion 3: Risks and risk mitigation in managing digital migration processes | speakers will provide short interventions regarding the risks of digital migration processes and how to mitigate these. What safeguards have to be put in place to ensure fundamental rights principles and ethical standards?

Panel discussion 4: Lessons learnt and new practices following the Covid-19 pandemic | speakers will provide key insights from selected practices implemented in the EU as well as a look at lessons learnt from practices emerging outside the EU.

Closing remarks by the National Director of SEF