Workshop “Civil Protection in the COVID-19 era: Business Continuity, adaptation and capacity development”

 13 and 14 April 2021
To debate the resilience of civil protection services in the face of multiple emergencies, through the identification of experiences and good practices in relation to business continuity plans for civil protection services. This aspect is particularly important, not only due to the possibility of future new pandemic waves that could eventually coincide with other significant emergencies in the EU (such as floods, fires or earthquakes), but also taking into account the current moment of implementation of the European Civil Protection Knowledge Network.
Video conference -​

DAY 1 (10:00 - 17:15, Brussels time)

Welcome and introduction

Building resilience during a pandemic 
Lessons learned on business continuity and adaptation
Managing emergencies in a COVID-19 context
Training and exercises
Deployments amidst the pandemic
Business continuity plans and staff management
Presentation of main survey results

Break-out sessions: 
Training and exercises
Deployments/Assessment and coordination missions
Business continuity plans and staff management​

Closure of the sessions
Social Event

DAY 2 (9:30 - 12:30)

Login on virtual platform
Welcome and wrap up of Day 1
Presentation and discussion on the outcomes of the break-out sessions
Final Remarks
Recommendations and way forward
Document library