Seminar “Firearms and Explosives – transversal dimension”

 14 April 2021
The objective of this Seminar is to create a space for multidisciplinary debate in the context of combating the illicit trafficking in firearms and the future challenges that arise in terms of control and supervision of activities related to manufacturing, trade, storage, transportation and use of explosive products, pyrotechnic articles and explosive precursors.

One of the main aims of the Seminar is the consolidation of recent approved legislation and action plans, such as the EU COM Action Plan (2020-2025) to combat arms trafficking, the new 3rd Policy Cycle of EMPACT (2021- 2024), the Handbook on Firearms for Border Guards and Customs and the Recovery and Resilience Plans in the area of explosives and pyrotechnics.

Organised by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Home Affairs and by Public Security Police
Lisboa - Centro Cultural de Belém
Video conference
09:15 - 17:30 

Opening of the Seminar by the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Eduardo Cabrita

1st Panel - The new cycle of combating firearms trafficking (2021-2025) | this panel intends to address the strategic dimension of the plans to be adopted in the coming years, by different organizations, in a transversal perspective. In this sense, strategic approaches from the European perspective will be presented through the European Commission (DG HOME - Firearms Task Force), EUROPOL (AP W&E), EMPACT Firearms, FRONTEX, UNODC, LEWP and EFE.

2nd Panel - New challenges for the safety of explosive products | this panel intends to carry out a technical approach regarding the processes that characterize the threat to the security of explosive products, namely in transport, common training of operators and administrative control, as tools for preventing crime and terrorism.
Participation of the Adco Explosives Chair, Guardia Civil Expert (ES) - SEPYLT System, expert at the University of Coimbra - Training operators, expert of the Public Security Police (PT) - Control of explosives in Portugal by road - SIGESTAME.

3rd Panel - Pyrotechnics in the face of the new post-pandemic reality | this panel proposes to discuss the future of the pyrotechnics sector in the face of the new post-pandemic reality, by presenting the objectives for the Recovery and Resilience Plans, especially taking into account the transversal dimension of trafficking in this type of articles and its use in illegal contexts, such as sporting events.
Participation of the Adco Pyrotechnics Chair, EUROPOL expert (AP W&E) and Dr Tom Smith, independent explosives consultant, author of the UEFA/FSE report on the safety of pyrotechnics in football stadia

General conclusions of the seminar and Closing by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr. Marcelo Mendonça de Carvalho
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