EU-US Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial Meeting

 22 June 2021
​An event of relevant importance for the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, given the mutual desire to reinvigorate the strong transatlantic partnership, a strategic partnership based on common interests and shared values. 

Holding it in Lisbon will give added visibility to the meeting in the context of the Portuguese Presidency, even though it will take place a few days after the EU-US Summit.

The hosts will be the Minister for Internal Administration and the Minister for Justice, who will promote the debate and continue the search for common responses to the security threats facing both sides of the Atlantic, particularly terrorism, in the context of which the exchange of information is essential. 

Migration and mobility issues will also be highlighted, with a focus on asylum systems, combating the smuggling of migrants, visa reciprocity and the resumption of international travel. The agenda also includes the topics of countering violent extremism, hate speech, racism and xenophobia, digital challenges and opportunities, including fighting crime in the digital age.


​Lisboa - Centro Cultural de Belém


  1. Addressing common security threats 
  2. Addressing digital challenges and opportunities 
  3. Tackling crime in a digital era 
  4. Migration and mobility issues 
  5. Priorities of the incoming Slovenian Presidency