International Conference on Maritime Security

 22 April 2021
Event organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support and participation of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Home Affairs and of the National Republican Guard.

The National Republican Guard will present the topic "Cooperation frameworks for cybersecurity in the maritime domain", with which it intends to contribute to the discussion on Maritime Security within the Strategic Compass.
It should be noted that, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of Europe, it was assumed that one of its priorities would be the strengthening of the European Security and Defence Policy and cooperation between Member States in various areas, including maritime security. 

The increase and diversification of the level and types of threats to the maritime sector and critical infrastructures associated with it has been giving rise to intense international debate and boosting the urgency in redefining security and defence policies in this strategic sector.
Video conference

The event, which will be attended by various and different participants, from ministerial to technical, aims to promote a broad reflection on maritime security, debate the operationalisation of concepts such as Coordinated Maritime Presences and contribute to the discussion around the definition of a Strategic Compass that redefines and coordinates a true European defence strategy.

9h00-16h00 GMT

1) International Cooperation on Maritime Security

2) The Atlantic: a case-study for Maritime Security

3) Maritime Security within the Strategic Compass

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