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Secretaria Geral MAI

International Relations

The International Relations Department is responsible for:
  • Support the definition and execution of international relations policy and cooperation within the framework of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), without prejudice to the own powers of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);
    Ensure the coordination of external relations and cooperation policy among all MHA services and bodies;
    • Monitor and support the Portuguese state’s international policy in areas that belong to MHA, coordinating its representation in the negotiation of international instruments;
    • Coordinate Portugal’s representation in every commission, meeting, conference or similar organization in the international level, regarding/concerning home affairs issues;
    • Coordinate the participation of MHA security forces and services in international missions as well as assure the coordination and technical/functional connection with MHA liaison officers;
    • Establish cooperative relationships with similar entities and non-governmental organizations that develop activities in areas of MHA assignment, as well as with others ministries and competent national services;
    • Analyse and give legal opinion on proposals of European Union legislation, coordinating the representation and position that MHA defends in the specific negotiation.
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