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MHA Liaison Officers

The placement of Liaison Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Home Affairs) is regulated by the Law-Decree 139/94 of 23 May, amended by Law-Decree 41/2023 of 2 June, which establishes the placement of liaison officers in international organisations or national diplomatic representations in foreign countries, from among GNR (the National Republican Guard) officers or graduates of the PSP (the Police of Public Security) officer class, in accordance with national interests and commitments made in the context of international cooperation.

The Liaison Officer has the functional content to coordinate the local execution of the Technical-Police Cooperation Programs; be the link between the Portuguese Security Forces and Services and their foreign counterparts; collaborate with the various governmental working groups; assist in the preparation of studies and opinions for the implementation of reforms or strategies of action of the Security Forces and Services of the countries in which they are located; assist the Ambassador in all aspects related to security, namely through a system of collection of information, regarding the security situation, so as to advise and alert the Portuguese Community in the territory.
In accordance with the current legislation, the Ministry of Home Affairs also has Liaison Officers at the  Portuguese Permanent Representation to the European Union and at European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (EUROPOL).
The current legislation also provides that the International Relations Department of General Secretariat of MHA, is responsible for ensuring coordination and functional and technical connection  with Liaison Officers, according to the authority guidelines, without prejudice to the proper competences of the respective Heads of the Diplomatic Mission, respecting the principle of unity of the external representation of the Portuguese State.
MHA Liaison Officers


GNR Colonel – Carlos Alberto Carvalho Felizardo
Order no. 10918/2022, published in DR no. 175, Series II, september 09, 2022
Service Fee: 3 years
Cape Verde

PSP Superintendent - João Manuel Alves Amado
Service Fee: 3 years

The Chief Superintendent Manuel Augusto Magina da Silva took office on September 1st, as the Liaison Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs, in the Embassy of Portugal in Paris.
Please check the appointment order.

PSP Superintendent - Marco António Viegas Martins Service Fee: 3 years

Sao Tome and Principe

​GNR Colonel – Albino Fernando Quaresma Tavares​
Service fee: 3 years

East Timor

Portuguese Permanent Representation to the European Union


PSP Superintendent – Luís Manuel André Elias Service Fee: 3 years​

GNR Colonel – António Manuel Barradas Ludovino Service Fee: 3 years

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