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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

OCDE.jpgThe OECD, established by the Convention of September 30, 1961, is an international cooperation organisation with 34 members, based in Paris, dedicated to global development. It aims to support sustainable economic growth, develop employment, improve living standards, maintain financial stability, support countries in the development of their economies and contribute to the growth of world trade.
Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (DELSA)
DELSA aims to promote the debate of new social policies capable of contributing to the improvement of individuals' living conditions  and their insertion in the community, considering the relationship between economic growth and social development. Its action also takes place in the field of migration.
Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
DAC aims to develop cooperative actions with developing countries. It is a multilateral organisation created in September 1961, however not every OECD member is a DAC member.
It is an International Forum constituted by main bilateral donors and it has permanent observers, like the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Each five years, it evaluates its members regarding development cooperation,  a peer review resulting in recommendations.
International Migration Outlook
The International Migration Outlook is a reference publication regarding statistic data and analyse of migration politics in OECD counties.
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