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Technical Police Cooperation

The cooperation strategy falls within the objectives of the Strategic Concept for Portuguese Cooperation 2014-2020 and Agenda 2030, always taking into account the options defined by the authorities of the beneficiary countries. The strengthening of human security is a crosscutting priority that should take precedence over the range of actors involved and should be articulated in an integrated, coherent and sustainable manner.
The focus of the Portuguese community is centred in the member countries of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), as well as, in some North African states, taking into account their countries and the new actors of the international scene, security, migration and borders.
In the area of ​​internal security, the Annual Programs of Technical-Police Cooperation (PAC) are carried out annually, whose financing is guaranteed by the Forces and Services of the Ministry of Internal Administration and by Camões, Institute of Cooperation and Language (CICL) coordinating body of Portuguese cooperation, within the framework of the Multi-annual Strategic Cooperation Programs (PEC).
The investment of Portuguese cooperation is intended to help develop technical and operational skills in the partner countries' Security Forces and Services, strengthening the principles of good governance, the rule of law and the defence of human rights through technical and material assistance in organisational and with the following main actions in the field:
Training / Consulting
  • Police
  • Migration and Borders
  • Civil Protection and Firefighters
  • Road Safety and Prevention
 Material and equipment
  • Armament
  • Clothing
  • Civil protection and fire-fighting equipment and material
  • Computer equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Vehicles
  •  Road Safety and Prevention

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